ASHA workers play key role against COVID-19 in UP

Accredited Social Health Activists, popularly known as ASHA workers are playing a crucial role in the fight against coronavirus. In Uttar Pradesh, they are involved in screening and tracking of migrant workers along with suspected covid patients and also spreading awareness about the deadly virus.

National Health Mission supports nearly 10 lakh ASHA workers in rural and urban areas of most parts of the country and around 1.67 lakh of them are from Uttar Pradesh. AIR correspondent reports that if you have ASHA that is nope, nothing is impossible and it is quite true in literal terms about ASHA workers who are at the forefront of COVID war in Uttar Pradesh.

When millions of migrant workers were returning from other parts of the state to their native places in Uttar Pradesh, it was a big challenge to stop the spread of corona to the rural areas. At this junction ASHA workers played a critical role in supporting the state’s COVID-19 management.

State’s 1.6 lakh ASHA workers have tracked over nearly 30.43 lakh migrant returnees in two phases- 11.24 lakh in the first and 19.19 lakh in the second phase. They have assisted in contact tracing and community level surveillance. The ASHA workers not only identified 7965 persons with symptoms but also regularly followed up on their health status.

They are playing a critical role in sensitizing the communities about the preventive measures to be adopted to stop the spread of Corona virus.

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