Direct investment into country rises by 19 billion US dollar: RBI

Reserve Bank of India today said, direct investment into the country rose by 19 billion US dollar while portfolio investment declined by 13.7 billion dollar during 2019-20.

According to the data on the International Investment Position,IIP released by RBI today stated that international financial assets of Indian residents increased by 73.9 billion dollar due to the rise in reserve assets and overseas direct investment by 64.9 billion dollar and 13.0 billion dollar, respectively.

It said that though other investments declined marginally during the year.

The RBI said that overall, net claims of non-residents on India declined by 57.6 billion dollar during the year.

It said that despite a fall of 13.7 billion dollar in portfolio investment during the year, international financial liabilities increased by 16.3 billion dollar as direct investment and other investments rose by 19.0 billion dollar and 11.0 billion dollar, respectively.

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