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Uttar Pradesh: Head Constable’s Heartfelt Plea Sheds Light on Police Force Struggles

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A video featuring Head Constable Omveer Singh of the Baghpat police department has been circulating across various social media platforms, drawing attention to the daunting challenges faced by police personnel and the tragic occurrences of suicide within their ranks.

In the video, Head Constable Omveer Singh addresses the Chief Minister directly, revealing his intention to raise awareness about the grave concerns plaguing the police force.

“Deeply troubled, sir, I must share that we’ve tragically lost around 10-12 constables to suicide in the past year and a half. Surprisingly, there’s been no acknowledgment or statement from senior officers or political leaders regarding this issue. Recent events have pushed me to make this video, especially after witnessing two more heart-wrenching suicides just yesterday. One constable hung himself in Meerut, while another took his life in Ayodhya using a rifle,” laments Head Constable Singh in the video.

He goes on to question the lack of reflection upon the underlying reasons behind these suicides and the absence of empathy. “Are we not human? Are we immune to challenges? Why are we subjected to relentless pressure? Our homes and families suffer as we navigate these difficulties,” he passionately expresses.

The officer’s distress deepens as he shares his personal loss. “I lost my sister on July 20, and even during that painful period, I couldn’t secure leave. When else would such a necessity arise? I am now responsible for her two children, but the assignments we receive distance us from our families, rendering support nearly impossible.”

With a plea for better family care, Head Constable Singh urges reconsideration of postings in border districts. “Such a provision would grant us some mental solace,” he implores.

Highlighting the arduous schedules, he adds, “Our responsibilities constantly rotate, from election duty to festival duty to night patrolling. Do we not deserve a respite? Have you ever considered that we, too, need a moment of rest?”

Singh turns his attention to leave entitlements, noting inconsistencies in approval. “Despite guidelines for a minimum of 30 days of annual leave, often officers receive far less, even when we require more. Why is this so?” he questions.

He delves into the factors contributing to the distressing deaths, linking them to leaves being denied, depression, and family challenges. “These underlying issues predominantly lead to these tragic outcomes,” he sorrowfully observes.

Drawing examples from neighboring states, Singh suggests the consideration of home district duties or border assignments. “If not home district duties, could we at least be considered for border district assignments?” he requests.

He clarifies his intent, stressing that his video aims to convey genuine concerns rather than disrupt discipline. “Just as citizens communicate through videos, I am doing the same to convey my message,” he assures.

With folded hands, Singh concludes, “I earnestly request your acknowledgement of these instances of suicide.”


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