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Tragedy Strikes Western Nepal: 157 Lives Lost in Devastating 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake

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In a heart-wrenching disaster, at least 157 individuals, including 89 women, lost their lives, and 190 others sustained injuries as a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the western region of Nepal, striking just moments before midnight on Friday. This catastrophic event has sent shockwaves not only across Nepal but also reached parts of northern India.

The earthquake’s epicenter was identified in Ramidanda, located in the Jajarkot district, approximately 550 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu. The seismic tremors were so strong that they were felt as far as New Delhi and other parts of northern India.

The districts of Jajarkot and Rukum West bore the brunt of the earthquake’s fury, with staggering casualties reported. Jajarkot suffered the most devastating blow, with a reported 105 fatalities and an equal number of individuals sustaining injuries. Meanwhile, in Rukum West, 52 people lost their lives, and 85 individuals were left injured.

This tragic earthquake, occurring at 11:47 pm local Nepal time on Friday, marks the deadliest disaster in the country since the devastating earthquakes of 2015. Back then, two massive earthquakes, measuring 7.8 and 7.3 on the Richter scale, claimed the lives of approximately 8,000 people. Nepal now faces the arduous task of coping with the aftermath of this latest disaster, while the world watches and extends its condolences to the affected regions.


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