Shocking video! Drunk Sub-Inspector runs his car over woman in Delhi

CCTV footage is going viral on social media where a woman was run over by a vehicle in New Delhi’s Chilla Village. As per ANI tweet, the driver of the car was Sub-Inspector and he was under the influence of alcohol. “A car ran over a woman near Chilla Village in Delhi yesterday. Police say, “The accused is a Sub-Inspector; he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of incident. He has been arrested. Injured is undergoing treatment at hospital,” ANI tweetd.

From the footage, the victim, a woman wearing a green salwar suit was shoved a few metres even as witnesses tried stopping the vehicle, a white hatchback that was driven by a police sub-inspector.

The witnesses tried stopping the car only to see it accelerate and drag the woman’s body a few metres before making a getaway.

According to NCRB data and a Hindustan Times report, The 37,188 prosecutions for drunk driving in 2018 were 11% more than the 33,343 previous year, but road safety experts say these figures are just the “tip of an iceberg”.

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