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SaKaVya Pardeshi Samuha holds its second poetry conference in virtual space

bY: Tanuja Pradhan


Mumbai: The second International Poetry Conference of the SaKaVya Pardeshi Samuha under the Sahitya Kala Vyaktitva Vikas Manch was held virtually on May 14. The highlight of this poet meet was that all the participants were female poets, disclosed Tanuja Pradhan, Poetry Conference Coordinator, SaKaVya Pardeshi Vibhag Head.

Gauri Joshi Kansara conducted this virtual forum under the chairmanship of Devendra Bhujbal, the editor of an international web portal, News Story Today and a recipient of the prestigious Journalism award, Chautha Stambha.  Poet Vilas Kulkarni, the public relations officer of SaKaVya, was invited as the chief guest.

As a special guest, Visubhau Bapat, attended the poet meet. He is famous for doing the stand-up poetry act, “Kutumb Ranglay Kavyat” for the last 40 years. He gave a brief analysis of each poem during his speech. 

Chairman of the meeting Devendra Bhujbal heartily appreciated all the participating poets. He was proud of the fact that all of them are doing literary work for the spread of Bharatiya cultural heritage, especially Marathi, even while living abroad and taking care of their home and careers. He also provided valuable insights on the history of poetry and how to conduct ideal poet meets. 

The chief guest of the program Vilas Kulkarni appreciated all the poetesses and briefly described the activities of SaKaVya. 

Neela Barve and Smita Bhimanvaar from Singapore, Prachi Deshpande who lives in California and also in India, Kalyani Masade from Russia, Shilpa Tagalpallewar from Cayman Islands and Aruna Mulherkar, Varsha Halbe, Tanujaa Pradhan and Gauri Joshi Kansara from USA participated enthusiastically in this poet meet. 

For the event, the group flag was made by Graphics designer, Sharyu Khachane and the poster was presented by Milind Pagare.  On this occasion, Pandurang Kulkarni, founder of SaKaVya praised all the poets as well as the SaKaVya Pardeshi Vibhag.

The bonding of all these people with their motherland was further strengthened by this program. They all felt the joy of meeting their poetic family even while sitting in different countries.  This was reflected in a different glow on everyone’s face, said Tanuja Pradhan, the convener of this poetry conference and the head of the SaKaVya Pardeshi Vibhag.


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