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Pune: Clash in Alandi between Police and Warkaris, New Video Shows Youth Trampling on Cops (Watch)

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Amidst the political slugfest between the opposition parties and the BJP-Sena government over the lathi-charge on Warkaris in Alandi, a new video has emerged on social media, in which Warkari youth can be seen running towards the temple, trampling the police.

The video, which has gone viral, shows a group of Warkari youth running towards the temple, bypassing the police force. The police, who were trying to stop them, were trampled by the youth.

The video has raised questions about who exactly was at fault in the incident. The opposition parties have accused the police of using lathi-charge on Warkaris, while the government has said that the police were only trying to control the crowd.

Meanwhile, Trustee of Dehu Sansthan, Sanjay More, has appealed to the Police and Warkaris to strike a conciliatory note and resolve this matter through dialogue.

“Some minor incidents have happened earlier as well, but they were resolved through communication,” he said.

The incident has taken a political turn, with the opposition parties demanding a high-level probe into the matter. The government has said that it will take action against those found guilty.

The incident has also raised questions about the security arrangements for the Ashadhi Ekadashi pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is one of the biggest religious events in Maharashtra, and lakhs of Warkaris from across the state converge on Alandi and Pandharpur to celebrate the occasion.

The government has said that it will review the security arrangements for the pilgrimage in the wake of the incident.


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