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CBI FIR fake, BJP-ruled Centre acting like serial killer to eliminate state govts: Manish Sisodia


Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday said the CBI FIR against him is “completely fake”, and alleged that the BJP-ruled Centre is acting like a serial killer to eliminate state governments.

He was speaking during the special session of the Delhi Assembly.

Sisodia also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he “gets insecure” seeing good work done by others.

“Prime Minister Modi gets insecure seeing good work by others. I have not seen a more insecure person than him. Had Arvind Kejriwal been the prime minister, he would not have done something like this had I been an education minister in some other government,” Sisodia said in the Assembly.

He said Arvind Kejriwal supported the prime minister in all the Centre’s good initiatives but the prime minister did the opposite.

Sisodia said CBI officers searched his clothes and even his children’s clothes during the 14-hour raid at his house but found nothing.

“The FIR against me is completely fake. I have committed no corruption…They (BJP) are acting like serial killer to eliminate other state governments. The effort they are putting to murder state governments, they should have put that much effort into building schools and hospitals,” Sisodia said.

The deputy chief minister defended his government’s Excise Policy 2021-22, which has now been withdrawn.

“There was no burden on the people in the excise policy and the government’s revenue also increased, but still the BJP was alleging corruption in it,” Sisodia said in the House.


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