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Unemployment at its peak; 60 lakh sanctioned govt posts lying vacant: BJP MP Varun Gandhi


Continuing to raise the issue of unemployment, BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Saturday said over 60 lakh sanctioned central and state government posts are vacant in various sectors when joblessness is at its highest level in three decades.

The MP from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh Saturday tweeted a chart mentioning government jobs sector-wise.

“While crores of youth are frustrated and disappointed due to non-availability of recruitment, there are 60 lakh ‘sanctioned posts’ vacant in the country if ‘government figures’ are to be believed,” Gandhi said.

These statistics are startling when unemployment is at its highest level in three decades, he said.

Questioning where the budget has gone for these sanctioned posts, Gandhi said it is the right of youth to know about it.

Earlier this week as well, he had raised the issue of vacancy in government posts while asserting that job aspirants have been desperate and paying the price for administrative incompetence.

Gandhi had openly come out in support of protesting farmers against the now-repealed three farm laws, while his party-led government at the Centre was defending the laws.

He has been taking stands on people-centric issues which are not in line with the BJP’s official position. The three-time Lok Sabha MP was also not seen campaigning for his party during the recent assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

The Gandhi scion was once BJP’s national general secretary and perceived as its prominent youth face especially in Uttar Pradesh politics.


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