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Project Jazba: Indian Army, TYCIA Foundation, and SIDBI Join Forces for Holistic Development in Jammu and Kashmir

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In a significant collaborative effort, the Indian Army, TYCIA Foundation, and SIDBI have launched “Project Jazba” with the goal of fostering holistic development in local communities of Jammu and Kashmir. The initiative aims to promote sustainable tourism, boost economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and empower families across the region.

Under “Project Jazba,” 50 families are set to benefit from sustainable livelihood opportunities, primarily in the tourism sector. Each beneficiary has received support of up to Rs 40,000 from SIDBI, with the intention of uplifting marginalized sections of society and establishing sustainable means of livelihood.

Of these 50 families, nine have been provided with fully furnished homestays, which will offer tourists an authentic and comfortable experience of the local way of life. These families will undergo training in hospitality and customer service to ensure a pleasant stay for visitors.

One family has been trained to operate a community kitchen, offering a variety of Kashmiri delicacies to cater to guests staying in these accommodations. Additionally, three families have been supported in establishing roadside cafeterias, where travelers can savor local and traditional cuisine during their journeys.

Four families have been equipped with horses, enabling them to offer guided horseback tours to tourists, providing a unique opportunity to explore the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir. One family has received support to set up a beauty parlor, catering to the grooming and beauty needs of visitors.

Two families are now running petty shops, offering local products and souvenirs, while six families have received musical equipment to perform traditional music and cultural performances for tourists. Four families have been provided with All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) for conducting guided tours across challenging terrain, offering tourists an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Provision of cows and sheep to five families will assist them in dairy and wool production, furthering their means of earning a livelihood. Three households have been facilitated with kids’ play stations to enhance the family tourism experience, and one family has been provided with a zorbing ball, offering a thrilling rolling experience for visitors.

“Project Jazba” underlines the Indian Army’s commitment to uplifting local communities by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities and promoting the cultural and natural heritage of the region. The local beneficiaries have expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the Indian Army in facilitating their means of earning a livelihood and contributing to the nation’s development.

Aadil Akbar
Aadil Akbar
Special Correspondent (Jammu and Kashmir) - The author is a young journalist working in the field since the past 6 years. He has covered politics and human interest stories including war-like situation the Kashmir valley.


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