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Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia’s Remark Sparks Controversy Over Rivalry with Digvijaya Singh

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A recent comment made by Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has ignited a fresh controversy, with his arch-rival and Congress senior leader Digvijaya Singh at the center of the storm.

In a video that has been circulating on various social media platforms, Scindia was questioned by reporters about Digvijaya Singh’s alleged statement regarding Scindia’s reluctance to contest elections, suggesting that the ‘Maharaj’ had chosen to avoid the electoral battlefield. Scindia’s response to the query was sharp and uncompromising. He retorted, “Do you even take Digvijaya seriously?”

This exchange took place in the backdrop of Digvijaya Singh’s earlier assertion that the Congress had fielded formidable candidates in Shivpuri to go head-to-head against Scindia, who, according to Singh, declined to participate in the electoral contest.

When reporters sought Scindia’s reaction to this statement, his candid response was clear: “Do you ever take Digvijaya Singh seriously?”

This unfiltered exchange between the two political heavyweights has quickly made waves on social media, reigniting speculations about the ongoing political rivalry between Scindia and Digvijaya Singh.

The comments have led to a renewed debate on the underlying tensions between the two leaders and their respective political ambitions. As Scindia continues to make his mark on the national political stage, his rivalry with Digvijaya Singh remains a focal point for political observers and enthusiasts. The extent to which this incident will impact their political fortunes and the Congress party’s dynamics remains to be seen.


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