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Israeli Military Seeks Information on Hamas Hostages, Offers Reward

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The Israeli military has made a public request to Gaza Strip residents, urging them to share actionable information regarding the locations where Hamas is holding Israeli hostages. In a post on a platform identified as “X,” the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have offered a financial incentive for individuals who provide accurate information that could lead to the rescue of these hostages.

The IDF has assured protection and confidentiality for those who come forward with information about the hostages’ whereabouts. Currently, approximately 220 hostages remain in captivity under Hamas.

In their public statement, the IDF emphasized the humanitarian aspect of this call for information, stating, “If your will is to live in peace and to have a better future for your children, do the humanitarian deed immediately and share verified and valuable information about hostages being held in your area.”

The Israeli military has promised to invest maximum effort in ensuring the safety of those who cooperate and provide information. Additionally, they guarantee complete confidentiality for the individuals who assist in this regard.

The contact details for sharing information are as follows:

  • Secure phone call: 8619
  • Messaging apps: WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal: +972503957992

These contact details and the IDF’s message have been made available in both the original language and Arabic to facilitate communication with a wider audience.


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