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PM Narendra Modi Celebrates Mirabai Janmotsav, Emphasizes India’s Freedom from ‘Mentality of Slavery’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the 525th birth anniversary of the revered poet and Lord Krishna devotee, Mirabai, during the ‘Mirabai Janmotsav’ celebration. Speaking at the event, PM Modi highlighted India’s transformative shift from a colonial mindset towards embracing pride in its heritage.

In his address, PM Modi expressed, “Today, for the first time in the ‘Amritkaal’ of India’s independence, the country has emerged from the mentality of slavery.” He underlined the nation’s commitment, citing the oath of ‘Panch Pran’ taken from the Red Fort, symbolizing progress with a profound sense of pride in Indian heritage.

Reflecting on Mirabai’s legacy, he praised India’s reverence for the power of women. As part of the commemoration, PM Modi released a special stamp and coin in honor of Mirabai, amplifying her significance in Indian culture.

Additionally, the event featured a cultural program with a performance by renowned actress Hema Malini. Prior to attending the celebration, the Prime Minister paid respects at the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple in Mathura, partaking in the festivities honoring Mirabai’s profound influence and India’s cultural heritage.


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