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Congress Accuses ED of Diversionary Tactics Amid National Herald Probe, Denounces Vendetta Politics

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The Congress party, in a sharp rebuttal to the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) recent move to attach assets belonging to Associated Journals Limited (AJL) and Young Indian (YI) in the ongoing probe linked to the Congress-run National Herald newspaper, launched a scathing attack. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi vehemently criticized the ED’s actions, dismissing them as a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the BJP’s purported imminent defeat in state elections.

Singhvi, in a robust statement, highlighted that any action under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) should be a consequence of a primary or underlying offense. He stressed that in this case, there was no transfer of immovable property, no financial transactions, and notably, no aggrieved complainant alleging deceit or financial wrongdoing.

Characterizing the ED’s actions as a “fabricated façade of deception, untruths, and baseless allegations,” Singhvi accused the BJP of employing diversionary tactics to shift focus during the ongoing elections, terming it a calculated move to deviate attention from their anticipated electoral defeat.

Singhvi emphasized the intrinsic link between the National Herald, an embodiment of India’s independence movement, and the Congress party’s legacy. He condemned what he described as an endeavor by BJP-associated agencies – CBI, ED, and IT – to tarnish the reputation of an institution closely tied to India’s historical narrative.

In a defiant tone, Singhvi asserted that such vindictive maneuvers wouldn’t deter the resolve of the Indian National Congress, reaffirming the party’s unwavering stance against what they perceive as targeted and malicious tactics employed by political adversaries.

The confrontation between the Congress and investigative agencies has intensified as the probe into the National Herald case unfolds, unveiling a fierce clash characterized by allegations of political vendetta and deliberate distraction tactics. The Congress’s vehement response underscores the deepening rift between political factions, magnifying the significance of this controversy amid the backdrop of ongoing state elections.


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