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Mumbai Congress President Slams Contractual Recruitment in Police Force

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Varsha Gaikwad, the President of the Mumbai Congress, expressed strong disapproval of the recent decision to fill vacant positions in the police force on a contractual basis. Gaikwad emphasized that this approach is an affront to the dedicated efforts of countless young aspirants who strive to join the police.

In a statement, she questioned the government’s choice to resort to contractual recruitment, given the number of young individuals vigorously preparing to join the police force. Gaikwad also raised concerns about who would oversee these contract-based recruits.

Moreover, she highlighted the potential security risks associated with recruiting staff on a contractual basis, particularly within a vital institution like the Mumbai Police. Gaikwad argued that if there were vacant positions, they should have been filled promptly, and the recruitment process should have factored in the training of new hires. She criticized the government’s approach as merely filling vacant posts with contractual employees. Gaikwad also warned that such a decision could adversely affect the morale of the police force and open the door to corruption.

Furthermore, Gaikwad pointed out that the government has been increasingly turning to contract-based recruitment in various critical sectors, including education, healthcare, and security. She concluded by suggesting that the people’s dissatisfaction with this approach may manifest in the upcoming election.


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