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Israel Strikes Syrian Airports Amid Escalating Tensions in the Region

Reports have emerged indicating that Israel launched airstrikes on airports in both Damascus, the capital of Syria, and Aleppo, a war-torn city in the north. These airstrikes occurred in the wake of heavy Israeli airstrikes on Palestinian territories, prompted by a surprise incursion by Hamas into southern Israel on October 7.

While the Israeli government has yet to officially confirm these airstrikes, they appear to have targeted crucial infrastructure in Syria. The attacks reportedly hit vital facilities within the international airports in both Damascus and Aleppo.

In response to these airstrikes, Syrian air defenses were activated to counter incoming threats. Sham FM, a local media channel, confirmed the deployment of Syrian air defenses as a retaliatory measure aimed at safeguarding the country’s airspace.

This development follows another incident that occurred on Tuesday night when projectiles were fired from the Syrian border into Israel, as reported by the Jerusalem Post. The majority of these projectiles landed in unpopulated areas within Israel’s Golan Heights region. In response to the shelling from Syria, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reacted by deploying artillery and mortar fire. The situation remains volatile as tensions in the region continue to escalate.


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