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Modi: Confident in 2024 Victory, Rejects Talk of Constitutional Change

In an interview with the Financial Times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dispelled speculation about altering the Indian Constitution, asserting that his administration’s transformative initiatives have been achieved without such amendments.

Addressing allegations of discrimination against minorities, Modi firmly rejected such claims, emphasizing his focus on fostering an environment conducive to investment and expansion. He highlighted the success of nationwide initiatives like the “Clean India” campaign and the digital infrastructure drive, achieved through public participation without resorting to constitutional alterations.

Expressing confidence in victory for the 2024 national polls, Modi underscored the nation’s potential for significant progress. He emphasized the populace’s desire to expedite this progress, attributing it to the governance provided thus far.

Modi outlined his government’s accomplishments in transforming the lives of ordinary citizens, citing evolving aspirations that differ from those of a decade ago. This interview, deemed rare by the publication, provided insight into Modi’s vision and the anticipated trajectory for India’s future.

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