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Lok Sabha Speaker Suspends Three More Opposition MPs Amid Ongoing Unrest

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has taken stringent action, suspending an additional three Opposition MPs on Thursday, elevating the total tally of suspensions to 146. This move swiftly followed the INDIA bloc’s protest march from Parliament to Vijay Chowk, expressing dissent against the government’s actions. The suspended MPs, DK Suresh, Nakul Nath, and Deepak Baij, all belong to the Congress party.

The suspension of these MPs has sparked reactions across the political spectrum, with Congress MP Karti Chidambaram sharply criticizing the government’s motives. He remarked that the government’s strategy mirrored playing a cricket match without fielders, indicating an intentional effort to exclude opposition voices in crucial discussions.

Expressing grave concern over the passage of significant bills in the absence of a substantial Opposition presence, Chidambaram emphasized the gravity of the situation. “They are introducing laws that will profoundly impact our nation’s daily life, yet they are averse to any discourse, deliberation, or opposition concerning these matters,” he added.

The suspensions, amidst a backdrop of escalating tensions between the government and the Opposition, continue to raise questions about the parliamentary conduct and the imperative need for inclusive and constructive debates on key legislative decisions affecting the nation.

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