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Maharashtra Government Grants Two-Month Extension to Committee Examining Kunbi Caste Certificate Methodology for Marathas

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The Maharashtra government has extended the timeline for the committee tasked with determining the methodology for issuing Kunbi caste certificates to Marathas. A Government Resolution (GR) released on Friday cited several reasons for the extension, including the need to translate numerous old documents and gather comparative district-wise data on Kunbi and Maratha communities.

Initially appointed on September 7, the committee was expected to submit its report within a month. However, after conducting nine meetings and visiting nine districts, the committee realized the complexity of the task at hand and requested a two-month extension to complete their work. A senior officer confirmed that formal communication was sent to the government, resulting in the extension.

The committee’s responsibilities included examining a wide range of records, such as revenue, land, police, prisons, educational, birth-death, waqf board, and service records dating back to the Nizam period before 1967 and 1948. Additionally, many of the documents are in languages like Urdu, Persian, and Modi scripts, necessitating translation. Given the scale of the task, the committee estimated it would require two additional months, as outlined in their report requesting the extension. Consequently, the committee’s deadline has been pushed to December 24, as indicated in the latest GR.

Over the past month, the committee has reviewed over 1.5 crore entries from nine districts, yet there are more documents left to be inspected, according to the committee’s statement.

To expedite the acquisition of necessary documents from the Nizam era, the state government has communicated with the revenue secretary of Telangana. The committee expressed that it could potentially submit its report in November if it receives the required records in a timely manner.

It’s worth noting that the assembly elections in Telangana have contributed to the delays in the overall process, as explained by a senior official. The extension is expected to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment of the Kunbi caste certificates for Marathas in Maharashtra.


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