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Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath Affirms Refusal of Deals During 2020 Government Downfall, Highlights Commitment to Ethical Governance

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In a public address ahead of the impending state assembly polls, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath revealed that he steadfastly refused to engage in any deals during the downfall of his government in 2020. Emphasizing his commitment to ethical governance, Nath disclosed that despite tempting offers and attempts to lure MLAs, he remained resolute in his decision to avoid any transactions that could compromise the integrity of the government.

“When I took office as Chief Minister, there was an attempt to strike a deal. Despite enticing offers from MLAs, I made it clear that I wouldn’t engage in such transactions. I firmly stated, ‘If the government falls, let it fall’ (Kursi jati hai toh jaaye). I avoided any deals, and today, the public can see the transparency in the situation,” remarked Nath during a public gathering in Pipariya.

Addressing the audience, Nath highlighted the attempts to lure MLAs with substantial sums and affirmed his refusal to compromise. As the state assembly polls loom, Nath took the opportunity to convey a message to the public, urging them to recognize Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as a skilled political tactician.

“I have a message for the public: recognize CM Chouhan; he’s a skilled artist. Currently, his machinery of deceit and proclamations is working at an accelerated pace. For the past 18 years, women were not in the spotlight, but as elections approached, suddenly they became a focal point,” he said.

Nath criticized Chouhan, portraying him as a master manipulator with an accelerated mechanism for fabrication and announcements. In contrast, Nath highlighted the Congress party’s commitments, including providing Rs 1500 monthly financial assistance to women and offering a subsidized LPG gas cylinder at Rs 500. As the political landscape intensifies in the lead-up to the elections, Nath’s statements shed light on his principled stance during a critical juncture in the state’s political history.


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