Comments on Pawar lends MLC Gopichand Padalkar in soup

BJP says wrong choice of words: NCP youth brigade demands apology from Padalkar, dares him with consequences

Mumbai:  A loose comment aimed at Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar landed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) newly elected MLC Gopichand Padalkar in a political soup. The NCP youth brigade is after him and his own party members have left him to fend for himself. Padalkar belongs to the Dhangar community and is known for his abrasive language.    

“Padalkar will be slapped in the face”, said NCP Youth Congress Working President Nitin Deshmukh reacting to Padalkar’s statement where he compared Sharad Pawar to Corona virus. 

‘‘Gopichand Padalkar has slammed Sharad Pawar. It has become the habit of BJP to make such loose comments. We do not think he will back down from a statement that hurts the sentiments of the general public. Wherever Gopichand Padalkar is seen in Mumbai, his face will be blackened and he will be beaten,” said Nitin Deshmukh.

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Meanwhile, NCP leader and Minister for Housing Jitendra Awhad has also warned Gopichand Padalkar of dire consequences. He has said that it is ridiculous for a person who is not worthy of dusting Sharad Pawar’s feet to criticize him.

“It is ridiculous that a man who does not deserve the dust of Sharad Pawar’s feet should criticize him. It is just a helpless attempt to stay in limelight. Does he even deserve to talk about Sharad Pawar? The person, who was criticizing Modi till yesterday, gets candidature from BJP. After joining BJP he teaches us the stories of Bahujans. Sharad Pawar has brought a man like me with no political background to this level,”said Jitendra Awhad.

Dhananjay Munde also took on Padalkar in harsh words. ‘In order to gain fame and fortune in politics, many people use this language for Sharad Pawar. They are trying to spit on the sun. Biroba please give wisdom to him! There is no need to tell Maharashtra that Sharad Pawar has made Bahujans life golden by implementing various schemes like Mandal Commission, name extension, welfare of Bahujans. But it is a pity that Padalkar has to do waffle things to repay the BJP MLC ‘, tweeted Munde.

“It is foolish to react to Gopichand Padalkar’s statement. He was beaten in the assembly elections. Sharad Pawar is a great personality who opposes bigoted forces. Foolish people are blabbering on. We don’t care what they say”, said NCP MLC Vidya Chavan.

Meanwhile, the NCP has called for an agitation against Gopichand Padalkar on June 25 in the morning. The NCP agitation will be held at Lokmanya Tilak statue, Mandai in Pune. “Until Gopichand Padalkar apologizes, we will agitate wherever he goes.  BJP should make stand clear whether they accept such criticism of the respected leader of Maharashtra.” asked NCP spokesperson Ankush Kakade.

Ex-CM and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis has dis-approved the language used by Padalkar for Sharad Pawar. 

“I had a discussion with Gopichand Padalkar. Pawar is our political opponent, but not the enemy. So it is wrong to use such words about the NCP president. The right words should be used to express any harsh feelings”, said Devendra Fadnavis.

Even senior BJP MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar said “this is not the party’s official statement. We may believe that Pawar did nothing for peasants and maximum farmer committed suicide when he was the Union Agriculture minister, he (Padalkar) should have chosen his words wisely. 

What did Padalkar say?

‘Sharad Pawar is the Corona of Maharashtra. He always did injustice to the Bahujan Samaj. He has pursued the same policy of inciting and fighting small groups. He has ruled over 60 groupings of the Bahujan Samaj. In the last 60 to 70 years, he has not allowed any Bahujan leadership to come forward. Pawar has no ideology, no agenda and no vision ‘, said Gopichand Padalkar.

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