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    BJP led Central Government has failed to stop many cities in India from choking, says NCPs national spokesperson, Clyde Crasto

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    Mumbai: Reports say that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led Central Government in the last four years has spent Rs.6,897 Cr of public money for its ‘National Clean Air Programme’, then why is the public still choking and suffering due to Air Pollution? questioned Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) national spokesperson Clyde Crasto on Thursday.

    Air quality in the country except for a very few places is going from bad to worse, he added.

    Crasto remarked that the Centre’s aim of 40% reduction in particulate matter by 2026 sounds good only on paper and appears to be an impossible target to achieve according to the current situation as it has been unable to keep pollution in control.

    “If BJP led Central Government has really spent so much money on cleaning the air, then they must explain to the people of our country as to why they have managed only a marginal improvement in Air Pollution in only a few places and have failed to stop many cities from choking”, questioned Crasto.


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