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    Air India controversy: Complainant dismisses Shankar Mishra’s ‘urinated on herself’ claim

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    A day after accused Shankar Mishra made ridiculous claims that his septugenararian co-passenger urinated on herself, the complainant said that his claim is ‘completely false and concocted’.

    Mishra has been accused of urinating on his co-passenger in an inebriated state and was arrested from Bengaluru after a complaint was filed with Delhi police earlier this month.

    The woman was quoted in an NDTV report saying that the allegations also are in contradiction and that its a complete change of statements and the pleaded case of the accused in his bail plea.

    The complainant said she filed a plaint to ensure institutional changes are made and that it is disgusting that the accused is spreading misinformation and falsities instead of being remorseful.


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