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Abhishek Manu Singhvi Highlights Alleged Fraudulent Affidavits in NCP Symbol Ownership Dispute

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Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the counsel representing Sharad Pawar’s faction of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) at the Election Commission, addressed reporters on Monday following a recent hearing regarding the party symbol’s ownership post a split led by Ajit Pawar.

Singhvi, in his briefing, continued to criticize the rival Ajit Pawar faction, accusing them of submitting allegedly fraudulent affidavits to the EC. “During the ongoing hearing, I presented arguments for nearly one and a half hours today. We have presented a small sample of approximately 9,000 affidavits, highlighting 24 categories of fraudulent purple-colored submissions. I have never encountered such a diverse range of fraudulent acts in my life,” Singhvi expressed. He highlighted instances such as affidavits submitted on behalf of deceased individuals, a Zomato supplier, and even a LIC agent, all unrelated to the NCP. “They are shamelessly unrelated to the NCP,” Singhvi added.

Singhvi stressed that none of the affidavits from the Ajit Pawar faction contained statements against Sharad Pawar. “Not a single affidavit submitted by the opposing faction speaks against Sharad Pawar. While many acknowledge Ajit Pawar as a leader, none specify the comparison or express support for Ajit Pawar over Sharad Pawar,” Singhvi highlighted.

Singhvi also called for criminal action against the alleged fraudulent submissions by the Ajit Pawar group. “We have presented evidence to the EC, urging them to file a criminal complaint for such blatant forgery and fraud, which falls within their jurisdiction under the IPC,” he stated.

Emphasizing his stance, Singhvi labeled the Ajit Pawar group’s petition to claim ownership of the NCP symbol as “non-maintainable, false, and frivolous,” advocating for its dismissal with imposed costs.


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