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Unexpected Evening Rainfall Surprises Mumbai, Improves Air Quality

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In an unexpected turn of weather events, Mumbai experienced a sudden downpour in the evening following a morning thunderstorm. This unanticipated rainfall is forecasted to persist for the next few hours, providing a pleasant respite from the usual dry spell. The altered weather conditions have also resulted in a positive impact on Mumbai’s air quality, offering a breath of fresh air to its residents.

The India Meteorological Department had previously issued an orange alert for today, November 26th, predicting rainfall in the city. As anticipated, Mumbai and Palghar are bracing for an intense spell of rain coupled with thunderstorms and winds clocking speeds of 30-40 km per hour over the next 3-4 hours. Moreover, the city is expected to witness heavy rainfall on Sunday, November 26, and Monday, November 27, accompanied by thunderstorms in various areas.

The unexpected rainfall has sparked enthusiasm among Mumbai residents, who took to social media platforms to share their joy, posting captivating pictures and videos capturing the city’s drenched charm.

As the weather continues to surprise, authorities advise residents to stay updated on weather alerts and take necessary precautions during these intermittent spells of rain and thunderstorms.


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