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    Two drunk passengers on an Indigo flight were detained for assaulting the pilot and abusing the flight attendants

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    Two drunk Bihar passengers caused a disturbance on the Sunday night Indigo flight from Delhi to Patna, and while they were inebriated, they also assaulted the flight attendant sexually. The flight hostess was attempting to quiet the uproar. They also made a scene by attacking the aircraft captain. As reported in the media, both claimed to have connections to the party’s national leader, who is situated in Bihar. The entire incident involved Indian Airlines aircraft 6E-6383, which arrived in Patna from Delhi at 8:55 p.m. on Sunday.

    According to sources, all three of them got on the plane after drinking in Delhi. Both of them, it seems, reside in Bihar. Both had consumed a significant amount of Delhi-sourced liquor and were wildly intoxicated. They didn’t start harassing one another until after the plane took off from Delhi. They caused a lot of problems for the other travellers on the trip.

    As the jet landed at Patna Airport, the intoxicated passengers made quite a scene while claiming to be close friends of the politician. The captain then relayed the entire incident to the airport administration and CISF. When they were halted by officials before they could leave the airport, they revealed to them that they were connected to a political party and had  close connections with its national president.

    After arriving at the scene and conducting an investigation based on the flight captain’s complaint, the police arrested both the passengers and transported them to the police station.


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