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Supreme Court Order Lacks Specific Time Frame, Says Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

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Speaker of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Adv Rahul Narvekar, clarified that the recent Supreme Court order concerning disqualification petitions did not specify any particular time frame for action. Speaking to the media, he revealed that he had studied the court’s order and emphasized that it only addressed issues related to notices, without offering directives on the submission schedule for hearings.

Narvekar addressed concerns about alleged claims made by the Shiv Sena (UBT) regarding directives to provide a verdict on disqualification petitions within two months. He stated, “I only look at the legal aspects given by the court. Whatever is seen in the media, nothing as such was mentioned by the court, and I don’t intervene or consider it important to talk about those things on which the court has not mentioned anything.”

The Speaker further dismissed allegations of deliberate delay in proceedings, asserting that such claims are made to influence the legal process and do not affect his actions.

Regarding the need to uphold the dignity of the Maharashtra Assembly, Narvekar expressed his commitment to following the court’s order while also respecting the dignity and sovereignty of the Vidhan Sabha and Vidhi Mandal as the Speaker of the State Assembly.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between the judiciary and the legislative branches, noting that all constitutional bodies should respect each other. Narvekar expressed confidence in the vibrancy of the judiciary and the adherence to sound judicial precedents in the future.


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