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Shocking Incident in Bareilly: SDM Accused of Humiliating Complainant

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In a deeply disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves across Uttar Pradesh, Mirganj Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Udit Pawar has come under scrutiny and faced severe criticism after a video emerged on social media depicting a complainant being asked to kneel in his office in a demeaning manner, akin to a rooster.

The incident unfolded when a villager, hailing from Mandanpur village in Uttar Pradesh, approached SDM Udit Pawar to lodge a complaint regarding the alleged encroachment of land designated for cremation purposes in his village. Disturbing visuals captured in the video show the SDM seated at his office desk while the complainant kneels before him in a posture reminiscent of a rooster or chicken.

As the video circulated on social media, netizens expressed outrage over the apparent humiliation faced by the villager in the SDM’s office.

In response to the allegations and the widespread condemnation, SDM Udit Pawar issued a statement denying any wrongdoing. He claimed that the allegations were fabricated and asserted that he had not instructed anyone to adopt the humiliating posture. Pawar contended that it was the villager himself who chose to assume the rooster-like position as a means of pressuring him to address the issue of the alleged land encroachment. Pawar maintained that action could only be taken following a thorough investigation to confirm the encroachment’s validity. He requested the villager’s patience while the inquiry process unfolded.

Furthermore, SDM Udit Pawar alleged that he was being falsely implicated after refusing to take immediate action on the encroachment without a comprehensive investigation.

However, the incident has triggered swift action against SDM Udit Pawar. Bareilly District Magistrate Shivakant Dwivedi confirmed that he had taken cognizance of the video and had summoned the SDM to address the matter. Dwivedi stated, “A video came to my notice in which a person was made to sit on the floor in a humiliating position in the office of SDM Udit Pawar. It was investigated, and prima facie, negligence of Mirganj SDM Udit Pawar has been found. He has been immediately attached to the headquarters pending further inquiry.”

The incident has reignited discussions on the conduct of public officials and the importance of treating citizens with respect and dignity, regardless of their grievances or demands. Investigations into the matter are ongoing, with authorities committed to addressing the issue thoroughly and ensuring justice prevails.


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