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Mumbai’s Ganesh Festival Travel Relief: No Mega Blocks on Railways

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In a welcome announcement for devotees planning to celebrate the upcoming Ganesh festival, Mangal Prabhat Lodha, the Minister of Skill Development and the Guardian Minister of Suburban Mumbai, has declared that there will be no mega block disruptions on the railways during this festive season.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Lodha revealed that he had held a crucial meeting with Naresh Lalwani, the General Manager of Central Railway, to discuss the matter. During this meeting, he urged the railway authorities to refrain from scheduling any mega blocks during the Ganesh festival.

“Many devotees rely on railways for their travel during this auspicious time, and mega blocks often cause them inconvenience. Therefore, I requested Mr. Lalwani to cancel any planned blocks until the conclusion of the Ganesh festival. I’m pleased to inform you that he has agreed to our request, and there will be no mega blocks during the festival,” Minister Lodha announced.

The Ganesh festival holds immense significance in Mumbai, drawing in lakhs of devotees who often travel to their ancestral villages in Konkan to celebrate this joyous occasion. The ten-day-long festival is known for its grandeur and fervor, making securing train tickets and bus bookings a challenging task for many. Recognizing the festival’s popularity and the resulting surge in travel, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken proactive measures to ease the transportation woes of the faithful.

As part of their efforts, the BJP has arranged six special trains, aptly named the ‘Namo Express,’ to facilitate the smooth travel of devotees heading to the Konkan region. These special trains will complement the regular train schedule, ensuring that everyone can partake in the festivities without undue travel hindrances. Additionally, the party has organized a fleet of over 300 buses to further enhance the convenience of those journeying to Konkan.

With this announcement and the BJP’s efforts to streamline travel during the Ganesh festival, devotees can look forward to a more hassle-free and enjoyable celebration of one of Mumbai’s most cherished and vibrant traditions.


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