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Shehla Rashid’s Remarkable Shift: Praises Modi’s Leadership, Sparks Political Speculation

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Human rights activist Shehla Rashid has stirred controversy and intrigue with her recent praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration, particularly lauding the decision to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Her transformation from a vocal critic to someone acknowledging the government’s policies has sparked a whirlwind of discussions across social media platforms.

Rashid’s remarks during an interview on ANI Podcast with Smita Prakash, where she hailed Modi as a “selfless man” and commended Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the peace efforts in Kashmir, have garnered significant attention. Her unexpected support for the administration’s decisions, especially on contentious issues, has left many surprised.

Following the podcast, Rashid’s statements were widely circulated online, leading to a tweet speculating about a potential BJP ticket in her future. Responding to this speculation, she clarified that her comments were not politically motivated but aimed at reshaping prevailing narratives.

“It’s less about politics, more about the narratives that we further,” Rashid responded. “Do I promote victimhood complex? Am I discouraging minorities from participating in national progress? India is a meritocracy & development is inclusive. We must equip ourselves with the right skills to compete.”

This shift in Rashid’s stance isn’t an isolated incident. On Independence Day earlier this year, she acknowledged the improved human rights situation in Kashmir post the Article 370 abrogation. Her pragmatic view regarding the government’s stance emphasized a utilitarian perspective, stating, “By a purely utilitarian calculus, the govt’s clear stance has helped save lives overall. That’s my angle.”

While some welcomed Rashid’s evolving perspective, others criticized her for what they perceived as a departure from her earlier positions. The activist’s changing viewpoints have sparked both applause and scrutiny, prompting a deeper exploration of the nuances within political discourse.


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