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Nana Patekar Controversy: Youth Denies Being a Fan Amidst Alleged On-Set ‘Smack’

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Veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar recently faced the heat of netizens after a video of him smacking a fan on the streets of Varanasi went viral on the internet. The actor, however, later claimed that it was a scene from his upcoming film, but the youth has now stated that he was not a part of the film or any kind of shoot.

In the video, a young man was seen approaching Nana for a selfie, only to get rudely smacked on the head by the actor, and later, dragged away by the crew members.

After the video created a stir on the internet, the actor released a video explaining that it was all a misunderstanding and that he was shooting for his film, Journey.

And now, in a new turn of events, the youth admitted on camera that he was a huge fan of Nana Patekar and only wanted to get a picture with the star, but was only left with a bitter taste.

“I had gone to take a dip in Ganga river and when I saw Nana Patekar was shooting over there, I was ecstatic. He is one of my favourite actors, so I just wanted to get a picture with him, but instead, he hit me and sent me away,” the youth said.

He went on to say that the guards and other crew members present at the location did try to stop him from going near the actor and disturbing the shoot, but he did not listen to them and ran towards the actor for a picture.

“I am not doing any role in the film. The video has now gone viral and I feel insulted by his behaviour,” he added.

Contrary to Nana’s claims that he later tried to call out to the youth and apologise, the man stated that no one approached him with any kind of apology.

Post the clip went viral, Nana Patekar took to his social media handle to issue an official statement and apology. He said that there was a scene in his film for which they were shooting, wherein he was supposed to smack a youth.

“It was then that this young man ran towards me and I thought I was supposed to hit him as a part of the script. It was only later that I got to know he was not a crew member and I quickly turned to apologise, but he had fled the scene by then,” the actor stated.

“He has not slapped anyone, it is a shot from our film. People have a problem of making fuss out of nothing… We are currently filming in Benaras for the film, Journey,” director Anil Sharma added.


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