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Sharad Pawar and Gautam Adani Inaugurate India’s First Lactoferrin Plant and Hold Informal Talks

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In a significant development for India’s industrial landscape, Sharad Pawar, the veteran political leader, and Gautam Adani, the renowned business magnate, jointly inaugurated the nation’s first lactoferrin plant, named “Exympower,” located in Vasna, Chacharwadi near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This milestone event marks a collaboration that holds great promise for India’s manufacturing sector.

Following the inauguration ceremony, the two influential figures engaged in a private one-on-one discussion for approximately 45 minutes at Adani’s residence in Ahmedabad, according to reliable sources.

When questioned about this meeting, Rohit Pawar, NCP MLA and Sharad Pawar’s grandson, emphasized the importance of such informal gatherings in shaping state policies. He stated, “What is so strange about Sharad Pawar meeting Gautam Adani? They do meet often. Sharad Pawar keeps meeting Ambani, Adani, and even smaller industrialists. At such meetings, discussions about the development of the state and the nation take place. Such discussions later lead to the formulation of state policies. Policies can’t be formed without taking into account all the stakeholders.”

Meetings between Sharad Pawar and Gautam Adani have consistently garnered media attention for various reasons. Notably, on April 20, their interaction made headlines as the business tycoon visited Sharad Pawar at his Mumbai residence. At that time, the Hindenburg report was a hot topic, and the duo engaged in discussions for a couple of hours. After the meeting, Sharad Pawar publicly supported the Adani group while dismissing the allegations made in the report. Subsequently, they met again on June 2, this time at Sharad Pawar’s Mumbai residence, Silver Oak, where their discussion lasted for approximately half an hour.

The issue of meetings between the two prominent figures resurfaced about three weeks ago when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi renewed his party’s critique of the Adani group during the I.N.D.I.A. block meeting in Mumbai. Interestingly, despite their differences regarding Adani, the Congress acknowledged Sharad Pawar as one of the coordinators of the I.N.D.I.A. alliance, highlighting the complex and dynamic nature of Indian politics.


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