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Maratha Leader Manoj Jarange-Patil Embarks on Statewide Tour to Address Maratha Reservation Issue

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In a bid to advocate for the Maratha community’s demand for reservation, prominent Maratha leader Manoj Jarange-Patil has announced a comprehensive statewide tour, which will encompass visits to areas where community members have initiated hunger strikes. The tour will culminate in a grand rally to be held in his hometown of Antarwali-Sarate, as declared during a gathering in his village on Saturday.

The Maratha community’s demand for reservation has reached a critical juncture, with the government granted a 30-day window to resolve the issue, with the deadline set for October 14. In light of this, a state-level rally is being organized at Antarwali-Sarate, where Jarange-Patil conveyed crucial information to the residents of 142 nearby villages who had convened for a meeting on Saturday. He informed the gathering that, given the government’s allotted 30-day period, he has withdrawn his fast unto death but will actively participate in the ongoing cyclic fast at the same location.

The planned rally at Antarwali-Sarate is anticipated to be a significant event, serving as a platform for disseminating information regarding government decisions within the 30-day timeframe, any resolutions issued by the government, the future course of action on the government’s part, and guidance for the Maratha community moving forward. Jarange-Patil emphasized to the villagers that emissaries from the government will not be entertained after the 30-day period expires.

Jarange-Patil also underscored that government officials and servants will not be allowed to participate in the rally, and he appealed to the administration to promptly address the reservation issue.

Furthermore, Jarange-Patil disclosed that a comprehensive list of locations where Maratha community leaders, including himself, have undertaken hunger strikes is currently being compiled. He expressed his intention to commence visits to these locations to engage in discussions with local leaders, seeking a resolution to the pressing reservation matter.


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