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PM Modi Commends Delhi Police Inspector’s Dedication During G20 Summit Amid Personal Tragedy

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A heartwarming and patriotic story has come to light as Prime Minister Modi interacted with the team responsible for the successful execution of the recently concluded G20 summit in the national capital.

During the G20 summit held at Bharat Mandapam, Delhi Police Inspector Suresh Kumar tragically lost his mother to a heart attack. Despite this personal tragedy, Inspector Kumar, entrusted with the critical duty of securing the main venue, chose to prioritize his commitment to the country over his family and continued to fulfill his responsibilities before eventually returning home.

Inspector Suresh Kumar recounted his experiences to Prime Minister Modi, highlighting his role in securing the bilateral meeting rooms during the summit. When PM Modi inquired about his summit experience, Inspector Kumar expressed, “We carried out our duties with immense pride, fully aware of the significance of organizing such a monumental event.”

However, his tone shifted as he shared a personal and emotional moment. “Sir, I had a very personal experience on September 9th while on duty,” Inspector Suresh Kumar said, his voice wavering. He apologized to the PM for his emotions and continued, “During that time, I received news that my mother had been hospitalized due to a heart attack. Sir, I made the difficult decision to continue my duty despite the emotional turmoil. One part of my heart urged me to be with my mother, while the other insisted that I must uphold the honor of our nation by fulfilling my duty.”

PM Modi, visibly moved by Inspector Suresh Kumar’s unwavering commitment to his job, remarked, “Suresh ji, I think you kept your heart in control even during such a difficult moment. These are moments that shake you. September 9 was the first day of the summit, a very important day, and handing duty to someone else was also not possible. So, you handled everything well, and I thank you for that. You gave priority to the nation’s needs and remained dedicated to your duty despite such a significant tragedy. May God give you a lot of strength.”


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