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SC Extends Deadline to January 10 for Verdict on Disqualification Pleas Against Maharashtra MLAs, Including Chief Minister

The Supreme Court has granted an extension until January 10 for Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Rahul Narwekar to deliver a verdict on multiple disqualification petitions filed against MLAs, including Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, and others aligned with him.

In its recent order, the apex court directed the Maharashtra Speaker to render a final decision concerning the disqualification pleas aimed at several MLAs within Eknath Shinde’s faction, including the state’s Chief Minister himself.

Initially, the Supreme Court had set a deadline for the Maharashtra Assembly Speaker to pronounce a verdict on the disqualification pleas by December 31. However, considering the pending nature of the petitions, Narwekar sought additional time for a thorough review of the cases.

The extension granted by the Supreme Court signifies an elongated period for the Speaker to deliberate and adjudicate on these crucial disqualification petitions. These petitions carry significant weight as they involve key members of the Maharashtra legislative assembly, impacting the political landscape and the governance of the state.

The delay in the resolution of these pleas underscores the complexities and the meticulous considerations involved in evaluating such cases within the framework of legislative disqualifications. As the deadline extends, the anticipation and scrutiny surrounding these cases heighten, shaping the political discourse in Maharashtra.

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