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Digvijaya Singh Raises Concern Over Unemployment, Links Lok Sabha Breach to Economic Discontent

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Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh voiced apprehension on Friday regarding the issue of unemployment, drawing a potential correlation between Wednesday’s unprecedented security breach in the Lok Sabha and the suspects reportedly being unemployed. The Congress Member of Parliament expressed his concerns and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address this matter promptly.

Singh, a former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, highlighted the pressing concern of widespread unemployment and its potential ramifications, particularly emphasizing the reported involvement of unemployed individuals in the recent breach at the Parliament.

“Unemployment is a significant issue. The involvement of unemployed youth in such desperate acts on the day of the Parliament attack by terrorists is a matter that all politicians, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, should deliberate upon,” Digvijaya Singh stated in his remarks.

The breach occurred on the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament terror attack when two intruders breached security and gained access to the Lok Sabha chamber during Zero Hour on Wednesday, sparking concerns about the lapses in security protocols within the esteemed parliamentary premises.

Singh’s remarks underscore a broader concern about the socio-economic impact of unemployment and its potential role in driving individuals towards desperate actions. His call for political introspection, particularly addressing the issue of unemployment and its potential link to security breaches, resonates against the backdrop of this alarming incident within the heart of India’s democratic institution.

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