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SaKaVya Pardeshi Samuha: Fifth Poetry Conference concluded

By Tanujaa Pradhan

Twitter : @the_news_21

Boston, USA: The fifth International Poetry Conference of the SaKaVya Pardeshi Samuha under the Sahitya Kala Vyaktitva Vikas Manch was recently held virtually.

Tanujaa Pradhan conducted this virtual forum under the chairmanship of Pandurang Kulkarni, the founder of SaKaVya Vyaktitva Vikas Manch.  

His appreciation of the poems touched the hearts of the participating poets, as he spoke about each poem with great appreciation. Mr. Kulkarni was especially happy that all the poets and poetesses participated with great enthusiasm as the foreign group’s poetry gathering took place after a long time.

He especially appreciated the Group Administrator, Tanujaa Pradhan, for minutely planning the program and conducting it smoothly.

Ashwini Vaidya (London, UK), Nalini Kapre (Boston, USA), Ajit Tipnis (Ottawa, Canada), Aruna Mulherkar (Michigan, USA), Amit Bhoir (Winnipeg, Canada), Shilpa Tagalpallewar (Cayman Islands), Prachi Deshpande (California, USA), Shantanu Kulkarni (Portland, Oregon, USA), Ragini Ravalia (Dubai), Nitin Bangale (Kenya) and Dr. Kamlakar Sankhe (Australia) participated in the poetry convention. These poets participated from different countries and continents.

Poet Vilas Kulkarni, the public relations officer of SaKaVya, was also present for the program. 

The poster for this program was made by Milind Pagare. Similarly, he fulfilled the responsibility as the technical coordinator of this entire program and its live YouTube streaming. 

The bonding of all these people with their motherland was further strengthened by this program. They all felt the joy of meeting their poetic family even while sitting in different countries. Tanujaa Pradhan, head of the SaKaVya Pardeshi Parivar, was the convener of this poetry conference. 

To watch the full video of this poet meeting, click on the following link :


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