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Russian Ambassador Expresses Concerns Over G20 Agenda Focus on Ukraine Crisis Ahead of India’s Summit Hosting

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In the lead-up to India’s hosting of the forthcoming G20 summit, scheduled for next week, Moscow has expressed concerns that some nations may prioritize discussions on the Ukraine crisis over global economic and financial matters. Denis Alipov, the Russian Ambassador to India, voiced these concerns during an event in New Delhi, just one week before world leaders are set to convene in the Indian capital for the summit.

Alipov stated, “Unfortunately, the Indian presidency [of the G20] experiences strong pressure from some countries who, in Russia’s opinion, have hijacked the G20 agenda, making the Ukrainian crisis one of the topics.” He emphasized Russia’s longstanding position that the G20 should primarily focus on economic and financial issues. Alipov noted that since last year, some G20 members have introduced discussions on political matters, which Moscow does not accept. He called for the removal of such topics from the agenda if consensus cannot be reached.

“The G20 has been established to respond to financial and economic problems that the world faces, not geopolitical problems,” Alipov asserted. He conveyed Russia’s endorsement of India’s G20 presidency priorities, which include sustainable development and climate finance, inclusive growth, and digital transformation. He expressed hope that the summit’s outcomes would align with India’s proposed agenda.

Highlighting India’s growing influence on the global stage, Alipov underscored that India “will be one of the centers of decision-making very soon.” He reaffirmed Russia’s support for India’s bid for permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

Regarding the current tensions between India and China, Alipov emphasized that Moscow maintains healthy relationships with both nations and does not develop ties with one country at the expense of another.

The diplomat also highlighted the significant growth in bilateral trade between Russia and India over the past year, despite challenges related to payment mechanisms in national currencies. He encouraged Indian businesses to seize opportunities in the Russian market, especially as Western companies have reduced their presence.

In conclusion, Alipov emphasized Russia’s commitment to fostering a just, equal, and multipolar world and highlighted the expanding interests of the developing world in more inclusive global governance, as exemplified by BRICS and SCO expansions.


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