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Tensions Persist in Jalna and Mumbai Following Maratha Protests and Lathi Charge

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The atmosphere in Jalna remains charged as tensions continue to escalate for the third consecutive day following a police lathi charge on Maratha protesters at Antarwali Sarati. The repercussions of this incident have now extended to Mumbai, where Shiv Sena UBT workers initiated a protest on Marine Drive on Sunday morning.

Marine Drive Rally Gains Momentum

In Mumbai, a substantial gathering of youth and activists from the Thackeray group has converged along Marine Drive to express their dissent against the lathi charge on the Maratha community. The protest began early in the morning and led to an increased police presence in the area. Despite police directives to relocate the protest to Azad Maidan, activists remain resolute in their determination to continue demonstrating along Marine Drive.

The backlash against the Jalna incident shows no signs of subsiding. A stringent shutdown has been imposed across the district, including Latur city. However, as night descended, a group of youths ignited tires on the highway at Sakhrapati on the Latur Barshi highway, obstructing traffic and causing significant disruptions. The situation was eventually resolved by the prompt intervention of law enforcement.

Jalna Remains Tense

In Jalna, the situation remains fraught with tension, with 750 individuals facing charges related to arson and stone pelting over the past two days. A total of 15 protesters have been arrested in connection with these incidents thus far.

Moreover, in light of the ongoing Maratha agitations, the government has postponed its Shasan Aaplya Dari program, initially scheduled for the 8th. The continued unrest presents a formidable challenge for authorities as they grapple with mounting tensions and protests throughout the region. The situation remains fluid, and further developments are anticipated in the coming days.


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