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Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Modi Over Adani Issue and Caste Census, Unveils Congress Promises in Rajasthan Rally

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In a fiery address at a public meeting in Rajasthan’s Dausa, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took direct aim at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hitting out at the Adani issue and the caste census. Responding to PM Modi’s recent remarks targeting the Congress party, Gandhi asserted, “PM Narendra Modi says that there is no caste; there are only poor. When the time came to give rights, then there was no caste…When it was time to promote fighting, then there were OBCs and Dalits…”.

Gandhi’s retort came in the wake of PM Modi’s criticisms of the Congress during a rally in the election-bound state of Rajasthan, where Modi accused the party of misleading the people.

Promising significant changes if the Congress comes to power in the upcoming November 23 elections, the Wayanad MP outlined seven guarantees for the state’s citizens. He highlighted key pledges, including the transfer of ₹10,000 per year to women’s bank accounts, subsidized cylinders priced at ₹500 under a Congress-led government, and the establishment of English schools throughout Rajasthan.

Encouraging the crowd to support the Congress, Rahul Gandhi emphasized these assurances as foundational to the party’s agenda for the state.


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