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Adani Group Denies Wrongdoing Amidst Dharavi Redevelopment Controversy

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The Adani Group responded strongly to allegations of impropriety surrounding the Maharashtra Government’s recent modifications to the Development Control (DC) Rules for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP), vehemently denying claims of favoritism.

In a detailed statement, the Adani Group dismissed allegations of irregularities, describing them as a calculated attempt to divert attention from their objective of transforming urban development. The group clarified that the transfer of development rights (TDR) is a common practice used to facilitate the exchange of built-up area for surrendered land, primarily for infrastructure projects.

Highlighting the timeline, the Adani Group emphasized that the allowance for TDR generation within the Dharavi Notified Area predates the recent modifications, citing government resolutions from 2018 and 2022. They underscored that the 2022 tender, secured through fair competition, was based on existing norms and procedures.

Addressing concerns about alleged benefits to a single entity, the group pointed out that the government’s final notification has, in fact, reduced the minimum usage of TDR in other projects from 50% to 40%, deviating from the earlier GR of September 2022. Furthermore, they clarified that the government’s recent notification caps the maximum sale price of TDR at 90% of the ready reckoner rate of receiving plots, ensuring transparent pricing.

In a bid to enhance transparency, the Adani Group revealed plans for the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to develop a dedicated portal for real-time updates on TDR generated from the project.

The company firmly rejected allegations of manipulating regulations to favor specific bidders, emphasizing that the process adhered to regulatory transparency.

The controversy emerged following the state government’s decision in December 2022 to award the DRP bid to Adani Realty, led by Gautam Adani, with a bid of Rs 5,069 crore. The project, touted as India’s most extensive redevelopment initiative, has sparked debates and scrutiny over policy changes and their implications.

As the discourse continues, the Adani Group remains steadfast in refuting allegations, advocating transparency, and emphasizing adherence to established norms in the Dharavi Redevelopment Project.


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