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Murdered BJP Leader Sana Khan’s Husband Used Her As ‘Honey-Trap’ In Sextortion Racket: Police’s Explosive Revelation

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Shocking details have emerged in the case of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sana Khan’s murder. The primary accused in the murder case, Amit Sahu, and his accomplice were reportedly subjecting the 35-year-old woman to abuse. The accused allegedly coerced Sana Khan into sextortion, using her as ‘honey-trap’ to extort money. Following this, using the compromising photos and videos, Amit Sahu and his accomplice blackmailed and extorted money from individuals by threatening to release the content. These revelations have surfaced during the investigation by the Nagpur Police.

The Nagpur City Police have initiated an investigation into the case of BJP leader Sana Khan. While Sana’s body has yet to be recovered, new revelations continue to unfold in this murder case. Rahul Madane, Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone 2, Nagpur, informed the media that a third individual involved in the case, identified as Dharmendra Yadav, has been arrested.

On Sunday, Khan’s mother filed a formal complaint with the Nagpur police, asserting that her daughter had been coerced into participating in the sextortion operation under threats. Acting upon her grievance, law enforcement subsequently registered a case against Khan’s spouse, Amit alias Pappu Sahu (37), as well as his associates.

Startling revelations have emerged regarding a sex trafficking racket masterminded by Amit Sahu and his associates, stretching from Jabalpur to Nagpur. The racket allegedly exploited the 35-year-old victim, employing explicit videos and photos to blackmail individuals for monetary gains.

“Khan’s mother lodged a complaint, alleging that her daughter was forced into joining the sextortion racket operated by Sahu and others. After that, the Mankapur police registered a case against Sahu and his accomplices from Nagpur, Jabalpur and Seoni,” an official said.

“In our preliminary probe, we found that Sahu led a gang in which Khan was used as a honey-trap. The gang used to target a male victims and send Khan to them. Thereafter, she used to develop physical relationships with them. After that she used to record videos and photographs of the victim in compromising positions, and blackmail such persons to extort money,” he said.

This way, the members of the racket used to extort lakhs of rupees from each victim spread across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, through which they earned crores of rupees, the official added. Khan became part of the racket in March 2021, which continued till her death, he said.

“The prime accused – Sahu – amassed substantial wealth through this sextortion racket,” the police official said.


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