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Mika Singh 2006 Kiss Controversy: Bombay HC Quashes Case Filed Against Singer By Actress

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The Bombay High Court on Thursday quashed by consent the First Information Report (FIR) registered against singer Mika Singh by an actress for forcibly kissing her at his birthday party in 2006.

A division bench of Justices Ajey Gadkari and SG Dige passed the order on a petition by Singh to quash the case on the ground that the two had amicably and conclusively resolved their differences.

On Thursday, the HC went through the affidavit submitted by the actress which stated that she and Singh had “amicably resolved all our differences and realised the entire dispute had arisen due to misunderstanding and misconception on our part”.

The model’s advocate informed the Court that she did not object to the FIR being quashed. Based on this, the HC quashed the FIR and the chargesheet against the singer.

Singh’s advocate, Falguni Brahmbhatt, said the case has been in limbo for the past 17 years and although a charge-sheet has been filed against her client, charges are yet to be framed. She said, “Singh and (the actor) have buried the hatchet and are now friends. They have resolved their issues.”

The model claimed in her affidavit that she is very occupied with her professional engagements and that the two have resolved their differences. So she has no objection to the quashing of the FIR registered by her, it further said.

Singh allegedly forcibly kissed the actor in 2006 without her consent in front of cameras at his birthday party. He said that he asked everyone not to smear cake on his face, but when the actor did it anyway, he decided to ‘teach her a lesson’ by forcibly kissing her. The singer was arrested on charges of molestation pressed by the actor and later released on bail.


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