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Political Tumult Over Advertisement Campaign Reveals Underlying Tensions within BJP

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The recent advertisement campaign supposedly involving Shrikant Shinde, a Member of Parliament and son of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has sparked a significant controversy that has revealed underlying tensions within the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). The events that have unfolded in the past few days indicate that the political landscape is quite volatile, with the advertisement causing disarray among political leaders.

The first advertisement, which was released on Tuesday, immediately drew ire and created a sense of unrest within the BJP. 

The immediate reaction to the controversial advertisement was a meeting between the Chief Minister (CM) and Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) that took place behind closed doors on the same day after the cabinet meeting was over. This indicates that the matter was deemed highly urgent and required the intervention of senior leadership.

Notably, the day following the release of the first advertisement, a second advertisement was published, in which both the DCM and the BJP’s symbol was prominently displayed. This could signify an attempt to regain control over the narrative and to reassure the party’s members and supporters.

Simultaneously, on the day of the first advertisement’s release, Member of Parliament Shrikant Shinde was summoned by the BJP high command in Delhi. However, what could have been a crucial meeting turned out to be an aborted engagement as Union Home Minister Amit Shah refused to meet him. This refusal suggests that there might have been a high-level disagreement or dissatisfaction with Shinde’s actions.

Speculation has arisen that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have been involved in summoning Shinde, given that his photograph was used in the advertisement. However, without an official statement or confirmation, this remains conjecture.

Fast-forwarding to the present, a meeting was held between the CM, DCM and Shrikant Shinde.  The presence of these top leaders indicates that the issue has escalated to a level where it requires consensus and resolution among the highest echelons of the party.

Shrikant Shinde seems to be at the epicentre of this controversy, and he is perceived by many as the main instigator. Whether this is due to a lapse in judgment or a deliberate move is yet to be determined.

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Meanwhile, a banner was put up by the BJP in Ulhasnagar where Kumar Aylani is the legislation of the BJP. The lines of the banner read Devendra Fadnvis, bas naam hi kafi hai (Fadnvis, the name is sufficient). kuthe 50, kuthe 105 (there could be comparison between 50 and 105). 

BJP has 105 MLAs whereas Shinde groups has supporter of total 50 including MLAs and MPS. Ulhasnagar falls under parliament constituency of Srikant Shinde.

It has indicated that the poster war or advertisement war will continue between BJP and the Shinde group.

Vivek Bhavsar
Vivek Bhavsar
Vivek Bhavsar is the Editor-In-Chief. He is a senior journalist having experience of more than 30 years in political and investigative journalism. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheNews21. He has worked with leading English mainline dailies, including The Asian Age, Free Press Journal, and also carries the experience of strides in leading regional newspapers like Lokmat and Saamana.


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