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Maharashtra Congress President Criticizes BJP’s Broken Promises and Atrocities in Public Address

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Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Nana Patole has launched a scathing attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), accusing them of deceiving the public with false promises and highlighting various issues during a public address in Mohadi, Bhandara district.

Patole reminisced about the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, citing them as empty pledges that have left the nation disillusioned. He referenced Modi’s assurance during a ‘Chai pe Charcha’ interaction that the BJP government would reduce farmers’ expenses, double their agricultural output, and prioritize loan waivers. Additionally, Modi had famously mentioned depositing Rs 15 lakhs in every citizen’s bank account and vowed to create employment opportunities for 2 crore people annually. Patole asserted that these promises were later dismissed as mere ‘jumla’ (slogans), and the public had been misled.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Patole implored them to recognize the BJP’s track record and consider showing the party a ‘jumla’ of their own so that they do not return to power.

He continued to criticize the BJP government’s performance over the last nine years, highlighting the taxation of savings and the adverse impact of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Patole accused the government of favoring Modi’s associates by waiving loans amounting to Rs 16 lakh crore while imposing taxes on ordinary citizens.

Patole also pointed to unfulfilled promises, such as providing housing for all by 2022, with taps and water in every home, highlighting the failure to deliver on these commitments.

The Maharashtra Congress President expressed deep concern about the rising incidents of atrocities against women in BJP-led states, emphasizing that perpetrators often go unpunished. He cited the case of a BJP MP allegedly involved in crimes against female athletes and the alarming number of women and girls who have gone missing in Maharashtra, with insufficient police intervention. Patole compared this situation to the promise of ‘Ramrajya’ made by the BJP, questioning whether it has been realized or if the country is experiencing ‘Ravanaraj.’

Drawing parallels with the stories of Sita and Draupadi from Indian mythology, Patole asserted that those who commit injustices against women will face consequences, just as the BJP would for its actions.

Nana Patole initiated the Jansamvad Yatra from Ashti in Wardha district, engaging with the people of eastern Vidharbha through the yatra. The padyatra, starting from Taroda in Wardha taluka, involved a 25 km daily journey by Congress leaders and workers, including MLA Ranjit Kamble and MLA Abhijit Vanjari, allowing them to interact with the public and address their concerns.


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