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Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde Addresses Misleading Video Amid Maratha Reservation Controversy

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Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, speaking from his official residence Varsha, addressed the media on Wednesday, appealing to both the general public and Maratha community leaders to avoid being swayed by misleading propaganda that could disrupt the positive and peaceful atmosphere in the state.

The backdrop to this appeal is a video clip that has been circulating on social media platforms. The video depicts CM Shinde alongside Deputy Chief Ministers Fadnavis and Pawar just before his address to the media following the all-party meeting on Maratha reservation held on Monday. In the video, CM Shinde can be heard saying, “We just need to speak and leave, isn’t it?” to which the Deputy Chief Ministers respond by saying, “The microphones are on.” This video has been shared by several opposition Congress leaders, accusing the government of not taking the Maratha Reservation issue seriously.

In response, CM Shinde clarified that the video presented the conversation out of context and reaffirmed his government’s commitment to granting Marathas their rightful quota.

“The video and audio have been selectively presented out of context to sow confusion on the matter. The state government is fully committed to pursuing all possible avenues to secure Maratha Reservation. I urge the Maratha community not to be misled by the propaganda being circulated by a certain section of society,” Shinde emphasized.

He also expressed his concerns, saying, “This is a deliberate effort to tarnish the government’s reputation.”

Shinde went on to state, “We have been dedicated to granting reservation to the Maratha community from the outset. It was during Devendra Fadnavis’s tenure that the initial quota was granted, which withstood scrutiny in the High Court. We are currently pursuing a review petition in the Supreme Court and actively engaging with stakeholders. Given our unwavering commitment, circulating such videos only serves to spread confusion and misunderstanding.”

Earlier in the day, CM Shinde attempted to address the viral video through a brief statement on the microblogging site X. However, as this failed to quell the controversy, he decided to address the media directly.

In response to Shinde’s statement, the opposition criticized his remarks. Varsha Gaikwad, President of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee, stated in a social media post, “Their words do not align with their actions,” pointing to the ongoing debate surrounding Maratha Reservation in the state.


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