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‘Get Rahul Married,’ Says Woman Farmer From Sonipat; Here’s How Sonia Gandhi Replied

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recently engaged in a heartwarming interaction with women farmers from Haryana’s Sonipat district, showcasing his commitment to connecting with the public. Alongside his sister Priyanka Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi, the Gandhi family shared light-hearted banter with the women farmers during a luncheon at Sonia Gandhi’s residence.

During Rahul Gandhi’s recent visit to the fields of Haryana, he pledged to invite women farmers to Delhi for a memorable experience. True to his word, he hosted a group of women farmers from Sonipat at his sister’s home in Delhi, where they shared food and engaging conversations.

While having the healthy banter, one woman asked Sonia Gandhi to get her son married. “Get Rahul ji married,” said the woman, to which Sonia Gandhi laughed and replied, “You find a girl.” Rahul quickly meddled and said, “It’ll happen eventually.”

The topic of marriage came up during a previous light-hearted chat, where Rahul Gandhi expressed that he would marry when he finds the right person. He admired his parents’ lovely marriage, which has set a high bar for him in seeking a life partner.

The interaction then covered essential topics such as food, women’s empowerment and the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Rahul Gandhi expressed his support for women’s rights, encouraging them to freely express themselves without fear. The women farmers voiced their concerns over inflation, high medicine and fertilizer prices, electricity costs and the impact of GST.

Rahul Gandhi cherished the time spent with the women farmers and called it a ‘day to remember’ in a heartwarming Twitter post. The Gandhis shared laughter and felt oneness with the rural women, distributing sweets, chocolates and exchanging affectionate gifts like homemade pickles and desi ghee.

During the interaction, Priyanka Gandhi fondly recalled childhood memories, sharing amusing anecdotes of getting scolded for Rahul’s mischiefs. The video concluded with Priyanka Gandhi joyfully dancing with the women farmers, further strengthening the bond between the Gandhi family and the rural community.


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