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Dr. Harsh Vardhan Faces Backlash for Involvement in Controversial Parliament Exchange

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In a deeply unfortunate incident that has sent shockwaves through the Indian Parliamentary tradition, BJP Lok Sabha MP Ramesh Bidhuri directed a barrage of offensive remarks at his fellow MP Danish Ali of the BSP. The incident unfolded during parliamentary proceedings on Thursday, September 21, casting a shadow on the decorum of the Lok Sabha.

Ramesh Bidhuri, representing South Delhi in the Lok Sabha, resorted to highly derogatory language when referring to Danish Ali. His comments included references to Ali as a “Muslim ugrawadi” (Muslim terrorist), “Bharwa” (pimp), and “katwa” (circumcised). One particularly egregious statement from Bidhuri was, “Ye mulla aatankwadi hai, bahar pheko naa iss mulle ko” (“This Muslim is a terrorist, throw this guy out”).

The involvement of former Union health minister and BJP leader Dr. Harsh Vardhan in this incident further fueled controversy. Dr. Harsh Vardhan was captured on camera laughing and applauding these highly objectionable slurs directed at Danish Ali, leading to widespread outrage and condemnation on social media.

In response to the backlash, Dr. Harsh Vardhan released a statement addressing his role in the matter. He asserted that he was unfairly drawn into the controversy and clarified that he couldn’t clearly hear the content of the exchange between the two MPs during the heated parliamentary debate. Dr. Harsh Vardhan expressed his dismay at being associated with derogatory language that could hurt the sentiments of any community.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan defended his longstanding record of working closely with the Muslim community throughout his public life. He highlighted his upbringing in Chandni Chowk, where he played with Muslim friends and emphasized his unwavering commitment to the welfare of all communities. He lamented the attempt by vested political interests to tarnish his image with negative and fabricated stories.

Acknowledging the verbal exchanges within the tumultuous parliamentary setting, Dr. Harsh Vardhan underscored his inability to clearly hear the content of those exchanges. He reaffirmed his dedication to his principles and the betterment of the nation, emphasizing that he has consistently stood by them without reservation or apology.

The incident continues to provoke debate about parliamentary decorum, the use of offensive language, and the conduct of elected representatives within the hallowed halls of the Indian Parliament.


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