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Uproar in Lok Sabha as BJP MP Hurls Derogatory Remarks at BSP MP During Chandrayaan-3 Discussion

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In a shocking turn of events during a special session of Parliament, BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri from Delhi triggered outrage by hurling highly objectionable remarks at BSP MP Danish Ali from Amroha. The incident occurred on Thursday, September 21, while the Lok Sabha was engaged in a discussion on the success of Chandrayaan-3.

Danish Ali Reacts with a Letter to Lok Sabha Speaker:
Expressing his deep dismay over the incident, Danish Ali promptly wrote a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, registering his strong protest against the slurs directed at him within the parliamentary premises. In his letter, Danish Ali emphasized the disheartening nature of the incident, particularly because it transpired in the new Parliament building under Speaker Om Birla’s leadership, as reported by The Indian Express.

Derogatory Remarks Unveiled:
According to witnesses, Ramesh Bidhuri’s outburst occurred when Danish Ali rose to respond to Bidhuri’s comments, which were on record during the Chandrayaan-3 discussion. Bidhuri, in an unexpected and inappropriate manner, resorted to using derogatory terms such as “pimp,” “extremist,” and “terrorist” to insult Danish Ali.

Prompt Action by Lok Sabha Officials:
Congress member K Suresh, who was presiding over the session, immediately instructed parliamentary officials to expunge the offensive remarks from the records. This prompt response sought to mitigate the impact of Bidhuri’s offensive language. Additionally, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, present in the Lok Sabha at the time, expressed regret over the derogatory remarks.

Opposition Voices Condemnation:
In the aftermath of the incident, several Opposition party MPs expressed their outrage and condemnation of Ramesh Bidhuri’s unsavory comments. Some lawmakers called for his suspension, while others questioned the BJP leadership’s stance on Bidhuri’s remarks and whether the party would take disciplinary action against him.

Request for Referral to Lok Sabha’s Privileges Committee:
In his letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Danish Ali requested that the matter be referred to the Lok Sabha’s Privileges Committee for further examination. This move underscores Ali’s commitment to addressing the incident through the appropriate channels of parliamentary procedure.

The incident has ignited a fresh debate on parliamentary decorum and the necessity for civility in political discourse, prompting discussions both within and outside the hallowed halls of the Indian Parliament.


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