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Devendra Fadnavis Confirms Eknath Shinde Continues as Chief Minister, Denies Rumors of Ajit Pawar’s Elevation

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On Monday, Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis addressed the ongoing speculations surrounding the Chief Minister’s post in Maharashtra. He made it clear that Eknath Shinde is the Chief Minister of the Mahayuti alliance and will continue to hold the position. Fadnavis also dismissed the rumors about Ajit Pawar’s potential elevation to the CM post, stating that Pawar was aware from the beginning that he would not become the Chief Minister.

Recent discussions had sparked concerns about a possible change in leadership, with some believing that the BJP had aligned with Ajit Pawar to sideline Chief Minister Shinde and make Pawar the CM as part of a deal. However, Fadnavis explained that the Chief Minister’s post might be of interest to any party, not just the BJP, and acknowledged that supporters of the NCP might have their aspirations as well. Despite these perspectives, Fadnavis emphasized that there will be no change in the Chief Minister’s position, affirming that Eknath Shinde would retain his role as the Chief Minister. The information about Ajit Pawar’s awareness of the situation before the alliance was also disclosed by Fadnavis during his media interaction after a session of the state assembly.


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